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We Are Acadian Dream Homes | This Is Us

Updated: May 1, 2019

The new year calls for new introductions, so we are stepping out of the construction curtain for a minute to say a quick hello. We are Rick & Joanna Edgeworth, the faces behind Acadian Dream Homes of Southeast Texas.

Custom Home Builder Beaumont Texas
Edgeworth Family

We are proud Texas natives and graduates of Lumberton High School c/o 1997 - GO RAIDERS! As high school sweethearts, we have done lots of life together and have 4 handsome boys to show for it. Tyler, Isaac, Beau & Ramsay.

Custom Home Builder Beaumont Texas

Established in 2008, we launched Acadian with a pivotal idea in mind. That idea was to build homes for others, that we ourselves would WANT to live in.

Most of you know us by the homes that we build and don't get us wrong - we love that, however, we hope to share more about who we are after 6PM and what weekend life looks like for our crew.

We are all about family time, so after bouncing through all the school pick up lines, we are most likely at home dodging nerf bullets behind the couch or playing outside at the beach.

As hobbies go, we are both pretty outdoorsy people. Rick enjoys duck hunting, golf and cooks a mean pot of spaghetti. I enjoy running with Kayan, our family dog, and kayaking. As a family, we love water sports, so you could say we know our way around a wake board or two.

Now that you have caught a quick glimpse of our life on any given Saturday, we hope that you feel less like strangers and more like family. With that said, feel free to pop in the office and say hello. There is also a good chance you will leave with a snack - so its a win-win!

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Signing off,

Rick & Joanna

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