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Insulate Your Home With Rockwool

As a leading custom home builder in SETX, we enjoy sharing about new products that take the home build to a new level. Yes, we build pretty homes, but the shell is only as good as its bones... Am I right?

With that being said, one of the many upgraded products that we are pumped to offer our clients is Rockwool. This is not just another home insulation product - it's a game changer. It's a natural stone wool composite product that is partly slag (a steel byproduct), and basalt stone (derived from lava). This product many great selling features.


The video above displays Rockwool's tough retardant power to the flames of a blow torch. [Resistant up to 2,000 degrees.] What a huge safety factor, considering that life's most precious people reside in the home. A wise investment on the front end could mean extra time for your family to reach safety, in case of a fire.


We all know that homes aren't perfect. Over time (especially considering our geographical location) water finds a way in, and can create all kinds of problems. This insulation actually resists moisture, prevents mildew growth and will not lose its R value. What a perk!


Now this isn't a life safety factor, but it sure is a really nice luxury. Imagine your husband taking a shower and not waking the kids. What a beautiful morning that would be right??!!?!?! Yes, this insulation is an amazing sound barrier! Wrapping the interior walls around a media room would be a great way to allow the kids to have fun, while allowing parents to enjoy a nice quiet evening.

Also, this material has longevity and doesn't sag over time like other batt insulations. In addition, its incredibly easy to cut and install for a next to perfect fit around cables and electrical boxes for a solid finish!

This is just one of the many cutting edge products that we offer our clients to upgrade the bones of homes across SETX. If you are considering a home build for your family, we would love to offer you our knowledge & expertise, while shouldering the weight of such an undertaking so that you can enjoy the process!

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