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2019 Home Design Trends

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

January is an exciting time because it brings freshness to a multitude of things, but since we are all about the home, we wanted to focus on what design trends are on the rise. With that said, we've done loads of research to bring you some exciting inspiration for your existing home, or your new build (with pressure).


We have been pinning ceiling high marble backsplashes recently and are excited to see our tastes for trend confirmed by Elle Decor Magazine in their latest forecast. Not only that, but tile is about to go next level, and we should see a new interest in artisan peices that are special & unique.

Custom Home Builder Beaumont Texas

Custom Home Builder Beaumont Texas

When it comes down to it, homeowners enjoy feeling a deeper connection to their spaces knowing that an actual person put their passion into an integral part of their home's appeal versus something mass produced. Take a look at some beautiful handmade tiles that certainly have our attention! **Tile in photo: Zia Tile

Custom Home Builder Beaumont Texas


We enjoy vacations and time away because we get to check-in & check-out of our everyday lives for a little R&R. Its always nice when we can bring a bit of that experience back into our spaces for that retreat feel. Small design touches can bring an undertone of relaxation by the simple art of mimicking. One way to accomplish that is thickening up your bathroom counters for a high-end appeal.


Glass and acrylic is sleek in nature and when done well, can add so much design value to your space. It also allows for organization and spatial purpose while tricking the eye. Because it is clear, it allows sight lines to continue while giving your decor intention.

For instance, you want a coffee table, but your living room is on the smaller end. Adding in an acrylic coffee table allows for both function and style and you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. WIN WIN!

You can also get creative with this medium for unconventional purposes as well. You can integrate this element into your home with thick cuts of tempered glass as decorative counter supports or even a staircase railing element. Or how about acrylic curtain rods?? Bet you haven't seen that at grandmas house.


There will always be a great lasting appreciation for the traditional design influences, however, a shift toward clean lines is happening and we are excited about it. Kitchen cabinets and base boarding are changing course along with a more modern approach to coffered ceilings.


Maybe its the "pinterest effect" but homeowners are looking to set their spaces apart from the rest with wow factors. Typically husbands are not too keen on Pinterest because it means their to-do list is always growing, but as a custom homebuilder serving southeast Texas, we enjoy making Pinterest boards your reality. From funky wallpaper, to stone or wainscoting, the options are endless.

Want to know what paint colors are on trend for 2019?? Then stay tuned for the next blog post because here at Acadian, we love inspiring your home dreams to new levels.

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